Business Law

Business litigation presents an array of challenges for the ongoing well-being of any business, whether large or small. Especially in today’s complex economy, litigation can seriously hamper a business’ continued operations and put financial security at risk. Winning and losing become much less easily defined as the long-term consequences of overall business litigation become harder to identify.


THE CROCKETT FIRM Will Work For Your Business' Best Interests

Spending time in court is not a great way for you to build your business. As an extremely experienced Dallas/Fort Worth corporate law attorney, Craig will help you understand all your options while working toward the best possible outcome. Settlement options, mediation, and other forms of alternate dispute resolutions are possible, leaving you much more free to get about the business of growing your business.

When a trial cannot be avoided, Craig is dedicated to protecting your interests by prosecuting those who have harmed your business or defending you from claims made by others. He provides a straight-forward analysis of your legal situation, presenting all the necessary information you need to make a smart and informed decision about whether to proceed to trial. During trial, Craig's trial experience, use of technology and cutting-edge resources will give you an edge.


Specific Areas of Practice

  • Business and Commercial Transactions, Including Complex Contracts: Craig has a reputation for excellence in high-stakes, high-profile, complex business disputes.
  • Entity Formation, Dissolution, and Maintenance: We have substantial experience representing all forms of business entities in formation, maintenance, dissolution, governance, and ownership disputes
  • Unfair Competition, Misappropriation of Trade Secrets, and Other Business Torts: We offer the type of aggressive litigation that can be essential to ensuring that your rights are protected and your goals achieved.
  • Construction Law: We are dedicated to providing a total package of legal services to the construction and surety industry, from drafting or reviewing contracts to resolving disputes in court or arbitration.
  • Investigations: We are prepared to provide internal investigations into businesses in order to find potential pitfalls that can cost significant time and expense in the future and eliminate them before they develop into litigation. When litigation is unavoidable, The Crockett Firmstands ready to conduct investigations to aid in the determination of potential responsibility.


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