Personal Injury

Injury that results in the loss of work time and wages, health, physical and mental capabilities, and even death is devastating. In the event that you have been a victim of another’s carelessness, recklessness, or in a commercial issue, Craig Crockett is an excellent choice as your Dallas/Fort Worth personal injury attorney. The Crockett Firm offers a high level of skill and trial experience in these areas and will use all its resources to work for you and your best interests. We will work closely with you and implement the necessary resources to present your case.


Specific Areas of Practice

  • Automobile Accident Litigation: Automobile accidents are not always simple open-and-shut cases. We will negotiate on your behalf for fair compensation for your injuries from insurance companies, but if they refuse to do the right thing, we are aggressive in using our resources and experience to prosecute.
  • Wrongful Death Actions: Wrongful death can occur through the negligence, misconduct, recklessness, or outright intention of others. We fight for you, the survivors, for all just compensation that is due.
  • Premises Liability:  The Crockett Firm handles premises liability that has resulted in serious identifiable injuries to you.
  • Products Liability: We assist you in pursuing claims against product manufacturers whose products are defective or inherently dangerous even if you have used them properly.
  • Insurance Coverage Litigation: The Crockett Firm offers a depth of experience and a wealth of expertise in helping policyholders take on major insurance companies to receive substantial recoveries due to you.


Put Our Extensive Experience, Knowledge, and Skill to Work for You

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